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Practice Requirements

I expect new students to have a daily practice goal of 30 minutes. Keeping a practice log can be very helfpul. I recommend having a daily goal and then following that up with a total for the month. The total monthly goal should allow for some missed days. If your daily goal is 30 minutes the monthly goal should be 12 hours. This allows you to miss 6 days over the course of the month and still make your monthly total. 

Daily practice can be split up if practicing the full 30 minutes is too long. You could do two 15 minute sessions, or do 20 minutes and then finish the other 10 minutes later. 


If you are still having trouble getting up to 30 minutes you can work up to it in increments. See if you can do 10 minutes a day and end up with at least 1 hour of practice over the week. And then try for 20 mintues a day for the next week, seeing if you can build that up to 2 hours over the week. Being consistent is very important. 

As students advance daily practice time can increase to goals of 1 hour or more.  

Your level on an instrument can be better gaged by the number of hours you have practiced than by the number of years you have been playing. If you have been playing for one year while keeping your 12 hours per month practice goal you will have spent 144 hours with your instrument, plus all the time in your lessons. On the other hand if you only practice once a week for the first year you would only have 26 hours with your instrument despite having played for one year. 


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