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I have been teaching lessons on Skype since the summer of 2009. You can see all the locations on the two maps at the bottom of the page. Even the lesson in Italy was a good connection. I started on Skype when I moved from Arizona to Kansas. It allowed some of my students to continue lessons with me. It does require high speed internet. I've had success with skype calls from many locations. Wireless connections are fine. Cellular hot spots can also work. Satellite internet is not fast enough yet though.

If you are seriously considering Skype lessons I always recommend a test call first. During the test call you should play your instrument so I can see how well the audio and video are coming through and what the connection speed is. You want to set up in a quiet place in your house free from excessive background noise. The background lighting is important. If it is too dark it can be hard for me to see the picture well. Or if most of the background light is sunlight the picture will be obscured. I will play something and we can interact back and forth so you can get a feel for the audio and video on your side. If you are a new skype user the test call will give you a chance to get comfortable with the whole experience. Sitting in front of the camera can be very awkard at first. It is also difficult to get the camera at the correct angle or manuever yourself to the right position so the camera is showing you play your instrument. While we are still on the test call I will show you how I use the chat function to type up notes for you during your lesson. This will be a summary of points covered in the lesson and instructions on what to practice for the following week. These notes can be pulled up in your chat history at any time, or I can email them to you at the end of each lesson. 

The skype lessons are not perfect. The video can freeze up, the audio may become garbled, or the connection will fail and the call drops. And sometimes the internet is down and the lesson can't happen. However, it is still quite effective and the majority of the time it works fine. And if you live in a remote area where there may not be any teachers it is a great tool. Of course it will never be better than a "live" lesson. Because of that factor I do charge less for skype lessons than for in person lessons. 

Lessons are for violinfiddle, and guitar.  If you are interested in lessons please contact me. We can discuss your goals and figure out the best lesson length and frequency for you or your child.

Rate: $17.50 per half hour or $35 per hour.  

*Paypal customers add $1 to the hourly rate ($18 per half hour or $36 per hour).

Billing is sent at the end of each month. Lessons for the month will be tallied up and the total payment due will be emailed. Payment by check is preferred. Please make payable to DK Music Studio and send to 5626 Brownridge Dr. Shawnee, KS 66218.

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