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If there is a song you really want to learn and need a professional ear to transcribe it for you I may be able to help. To get started contact me with the song title and information about the recording. This could be a link to a you tube video, an mp3, or an album and song title I can purchase on itunes or Amazon. Please provide me with a deadline if applicable, and any special requests. Special requests could be: to include fingerings with the notation; for tab instead of standard music notation; for a simplified version of a tune; or conversely for a fancier version of a tune (such as adding doublestops); or for guitar chords to be included with the notation. After I listen to the song I will let you know if I am able to transcribe it and will send you a price. If I get the ok from you I will get to work. If I come across anything unusual I may ask you questions along the way. Once complete I will send you a pdf file with the notation. I can also post a video on you tube of me playing through the tune slowly. It can be helpul to hear it and to see the fingerings. Most transcriptions can be done for $20-40. It depends on the length of the song. 

Here is an example of the first page of a transcription. I've also included an example of a video showing a close up of the fingerings at a slow speed. 

watsons blues


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