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Jam with Milk Cow Blues Fiddle Play Along

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Jam with Milk Cow Blues contains note for note transcriptions of every tune on the Milk Cow Blues CD. That is 16 songs total (including the three song medley). You will receive over twenty pages of music with detailed bowings, guitar chords, intros and endings, and markings for slides and for shifting. *The transcriptions don't include the two improvised solos. The play along tracks are designed to help you practice, they include both fiddle and guitar. There is one slow track and one moderate speed track for each song. The play along track speeds for waltzes are 60 bpm (slow) and 90 bpm (moderate). Almost all the other tracks are 100 bpm (slow) and 180 bpm (moderate).

Click on a song to see an excerpt from the music.

Tom & Jerry

Forty Year Ago Waltz

I Don't Love Nobody

Whiskey Before Breakfast/Over the Waterfall/Maid Behind the Bar

Billy in the Lowground

Emilia's Waltz

Red Apple Rag

Forked Deer

Jessica Waltz

Shelbourne's Reel

Centennial Waltz (with twin fiddle part)

Fiddlin' Around

Georgianna Moon

Milk Cow Blues



tom  jerry




forty year ago




i dont love nobody




whiskey medley




 billy in the lowground




emilias waltz




red apple rag




forked deer




jessica waltz




shelbournes reel




centennial waltz



centennial waltz twin 



fiddlin around



 georgianna moon




milk cow blues




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